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DNA, Genes and Chromosomes





DNA carries genetic code that determines characteristics of a living organism.

Chromosomes are made from DNA.

Genes are short sections of DNA. [1]







DNA molecules are large and complex.

They carry the genetic code that determines the characteristics of a living organism.

Except for identical twins, each person’s DNA is unique.

This is why people can be identified using DNA fingerprinting.

DNA can be cut up and separated, forming a sort of 'bar code' that is different from one person to the next. [2]


A gene is a section of DNA that codes for a specific protein.

It is the unit of heredity, and may be copied and passed on to the next generation. [3]


The cell’s nucleus contains chromosomes.

These are long threads of DNA, each made up of many genes.

- so the dissolved products pass from the intestine to the blood. [4]

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