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Menstrual Cycle





The menstrual cycle is a recurring process which takes around 28 days.

During the process, the lining of the uterus is prepared for pregnancy.

If pregnancy doesn't happen, the lining is then shed.

This is known as menstruation. [1]




Day 1 - 7: (Menstruation)

- The lining of uterus breaks up apart and passes out of the vagina, with blood

Day 8 - 13: (Egg Maturation)

- The egg cell starts to mature in the ovary.

- The uterus lining builds up

Day 14: (Ovulation)

- The egg cell is released from the ovary

Day 15-28: (Most fertile date)

- The egg is swept along the oviduct towards the uterus

Day 28 - Scenario 1: (Egg not fertilized)

- No implantation taken place

- The lining of uterus is no longer thick, back to Day 1 - 7

Day 28 - Scenario 2: (Egg is fertilized)

- Implantation occurs

- The lining of uterus keeps thick for pregancy

Hormones in Menstrual Cycle

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