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The eye





The eye is a sense organ that responds to light. [1]

The pupil reflex

The amount of light entering the eye is controlled by a reflex action.

The size of the pupil changes in response to bright or dim light.

This is controlled by the muscles of the iris.

Above is how an eye reacts to dim light

Above is how an eye reacts to bright light [2]







Cornea: Refracts light - bends it as it enters the eye

Iris: Controls how much light enters the pupil

Lens: Focuses light onto the retina

Retina: Contains the light receptors

Optic nerve: Carries impulses between the eye and the brain [3]


Accommodation: the ability of the lens to change its shape to focus near and distant objects. [4]

Table below shows the different structures react to the distance change

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